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The Journey
A six-day cultural excursion where the "cultural ambassadors" of the organization learn to understand the significance of corporate culture, rituals, storytelling, and orientation in shaping today’s workplace. Participants learn the importance of creating purpose and belonging in the organization for employees, and how, as change agents, they can positively impact their work world.
Participant comment: "There are two things everyone should do in life: 1) see the Grand Canyon; and 2) attend "The Journey."

The Key
A one-day cultural orientation to MotorCity Casino, where participants learn the significance of the company's history, its vision and mission, and its customer service and teamwork philosophies. It provides participants with an experiential exposure to the vision, mission, and service philosophy of the company. Participants are better able to bond with the company, understand the "big picture" of what they were hired to do, and become aware of their importance in creating a positive and service-focused culture at the organization.
Participant comments: "This was an awesome and excellent intro to your company." "I'm proud of being part of MotorCity Casino." "This was truly the best orientation I have ever been to."

Top Gun: Senior Management Training
This 3-hour overview of key training theories helped participants understand how and why people learn, and how to develop a training program that meets their learning needs.
Participant comment: "Jennifer has a very upbeat personality. She has a lot of enthusiasm in her presentation of this material. Significant ideas were treating individuals with respect, making things relevant to learn for your trainees, understanding your audience."

The Art of Blending Smoothies
This week-long training program geared to Generation X front-line employees used self-directed learning techniques to help participants master the basic skills of working in the store, including customer service and technical skills. The system helped improve productivity, service, and job satisfaction.
Client Comment: "This training program helped us cut our training time in half."

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