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Design Process

LEARN INC. uses a three-step process to design and deliver training:
1. Analysis
2. Design
3. Delivery and Evaluation

The purpose of the Analysis phase is to identify all key issues and information that might affect the training. Analysis includes: research of existing data; meeting with key management figures; reviewing existing training; conducting a learner, content, and context analysis; determining learning objectives; and determining ways to measure the success of the training.

Activities that may take place to complete the Analysis phase include:
  • Planning meetings with members of the client’s management team as needed
  • Review of existing training materials
  • Observation of existing training
  • Interviews with key management figures
  • Employee focus groups and questionnaires

The results of this analysis are presented in a needs assessment report, then used to develop and customize the training content.

In this phase of program development, an "instructional plan," or basic outline of the training, is created, and all learning activities and materials are developed. The instructional plan, which includes specific learning objectives and activities, is written by LEARN INC. and approved by the client’s management representatives.

Delivery and Evaluation
All training programs are "tested" (validated) before first actual delivery, or a pilot session is conducted. At that point, the training is implemented, and the client monitors it over a six-month period before final changes are incorporated on a systematic basis. A variety of evaluation techniques are used to determine the effectiveness of the training.

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